20.11.2023 - 20.11.2023,  Online

Attachment mentalisation and epistemic trust: a new transdiagnostic model for psychotherapy - WEBINAR

  • Referent/in: Prof. Dr. Peter Fonagy, OBE
  • Dauer: 18:00 - 19:30 Uhr
  • Ort: Online, Zoom
  • Kosten: Euro 95,00 (für Mitglieder Euro 45,00)
    Student:innenpreis Euro 30,00
  • Einheiten: 2
  • Fortbildungspunkte: 2 Fortbildungseinheiten für Psycholog:innen (ÖAP/BÖP) und Psychotherapeut:innen (ÖBVP)


Decades of research have established the association between insecure attachment and mental disorder. However, the relationship between the two is poorly understood. Our work over the last 20 years has established an association between the capacity to think productively in mental state terms and mental health problems in a number of diagnostic groups. Over the past decade we have identified the association between attachment and trust in knowledge as part of processes of social learning. In our transdiagnostic model we consider mentalising as a key to the establishment of epistemic trust which maybe a special case of security of attachment. We are advancing a therapeutic model that focusses on psychosocial techniques that enhance therapeutic epistemic trust and enables that therapist work to reconnect with their community and recover the capacity to effectively adapt to their interpersonal world.

Das Webinar wird auf Englisch abgehalten.

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